• Middle States Visit update

    The entire Gramon Family of Schools community looks forward to welcoming the Middle States team December 2nd-5th.  We’ll be sharing our self-study as well as our action plans for the coming years:  creating a long-range IT plan, developing a unified curriculum guide, establishing staff learning communities, and enhancing our Community Based Instruction, Activities for Daily Living, Career Sampling and Structured Learning Experiences transition skills activities.

    Middle States Visit update
  • The Sky is the Limit!

    The Gramon Family of Schools has operated continuously since 1939. We are committed to the principle that every child deserves the opportunity to attain his or her potential. Through our supportive environments, collaborative relationships and implementation of best practices, The Gramon Family of Schools prepares our students for their lifelong journeys.

    The Sky is the Limit!
Serving students with Autism and Multiple Disabilities from Pre-K through age 21

The Gramon School, founded in 1939, is a state-approved school for students ages 12 to 21 who require individual attention and learning programs to achieve success. These students typically need support for emotional, behavioral and/or academic difficulties. At the Gramon School, students are provided with a structured and supportive environment in a traditional high school culture to help foster academic, social and emotional growth.

Glenview Academy serves students ages five to 12 who have educational and behavioral needs that are better addressed in a small, structured environment. The faculty at Glenview uses state-of-the art techniques and technology to help students gain the skills, confidence, pride and initiative to become effective, contributing members of society. Our classes emphasize thorough academic preparation as well as social and emotional guidance.

New Beginnings is dedicated to working with children diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Using a variety of techniques and resources aimed at helping individuals reach their potential and live productively, we help our students integrate into all aspects of community life – increasing their social, educational and employment opportunities. Our approach is based upon research and best practices that address deficits particular to the autism spectrum.

New Beginnings Annex Programs are modeled after New Beginnings in Fairfield. The in-district programs offer students many benefits, including state-of-the-art education, training, therapy and support. By providing the New Beginnings program within the West Milford and Emerson school buildings, students have the opportunity to experience part-time transition visits of varying duration to mainstream classrooms. And, for those students who eventually move to full inclusion, they have access to continuing support from their former New Beginnings teachers.